Industrial Placement

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  • An Industrial placement is a work placement carried out as part of STP Trisakti degree course and is usually six or twelve months long.
  • An Industrial placement at STP Trisakti will offer you the opportunity to develop the skills you have learnt at institute in a practical environment, as well as learning several new ones.
  • Through their day to day role and interactions a student’s personal skill base will be developed throughout their placement year. These include: communication, planning and organising, problem solving, teamwork, confidence and networking skills.
  • These placements can be in a wide range of industry ranging from the large companies to smaller companies as well as companies in all parts of the world. Placement officers will ensure that the students receive good work experience whilst on placement and that they receive formal visits from academic staff members to check on progress.
  • An additional bonus of the industrial placement is the opportunity to earn some extra money whilst continuing with your academic career
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